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We are starting a new International, English Speaking Church in the City of Munich Germany

"Therefore, Faithful Christian, seek Truth, listen to the Truth, learn Truth, love Truth, speak Truth, uphold Truth, defend Truth until death; for Truth shall deliver you from sin, from the Devil, from death of the soul, and, in the end, from death everlasting." (Jan Huss)

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Who we are

We are a group of Christians who have a burden for those who don't know the Truth about Jesus. Many people think they know who Jesus is, what it means to be a Christian, who will go to heaven, etc. But actually, they don't.
Others do live in a genuine relationship with Christ, but they are still unable to live the full live that Jesus promised them, due to misconceptions about God or themselves.
Our aim is to bring the Truth of God, revealed through Jesus and the Bible, to as many people as possible.

What is important to us

Love for the Father
Christianity is not a religion. Being a Christian means we live in a personal love-relationship with God through Jesus Christ. And we want every person attending our church to grow deeper in his/her personal relationship with God.

The Truth that God revealed to us in the Bible is the final authority for everything we say and do!

We believe that healthy relationships among Christians are vital. They are the foundation for Christians growing deeper in their relationship with Christ. Also, without healthy relationships, it is practically impossible to reach out to non-Christians around us, no matter how much effort we put in outreach programs.
Therefore, family relationships are important to us, as well as healthy friendships among all members of our church.

What is important to this church?

Our church believes what most evangelical churches believe in (mainly the Apostles' Creed and the Lausanne Covenant) Within our common beliefs, our small groups, events, Sunday Services and Community Events will put a special focus on these aspects of our Christian Faith:

We will not compromise on Truths that are clearly revealed in the Bible, and we will not be afraid to make a stand on opinions that might not be very popular to the majority of society.

Going deeper in a personal relationship with God
We want everybody who attends our church over a period of time to be able to say: "I know God better now in a personal way than I did half a year ago!" We will focus on hearing God's voice, prayer, allowing God to speak to us through the Bible, etc.

We want everybody to learn how to talk about their own relationship with Jesus to their family, friends and circle of influence.

Family Relationships
We want our families to be shining examples to the society around us. That's why we will put a special focus on husband/wife relationships, parent/child relationships, etc.

Christ Centered Community
We want to provide a home (or a second home) for the members of our church. However, community is not a purpose in itself. Our ultimate purpose is to seek Christ together.

Our Vision

You can download our complete Vision document here.

Who's the Leader/Pastor? What's His background?

Our Pastor is Bernd Armbruster. Pastor Bernd has been serving at Shanghai Community Fellowship (SCF) for 12 years. From 2011 to 2016 he has been on the fulltime staff of the church in the role of Outreach Director. During his time at SCF, he has been in touch with pretty much all parts of the church. It was a perfect training ground to get prepared for this new calling of starting Aletheia Munich.
Bernd and his wife Ryoko have been married since 2006 and have three children Anna (born 2008), Noah (born 2010) and Abigail (born 2014). They have also written a book together on the topic of marriage: Simple Secrets to True Intimacy: The Bible on Love, Dating, Marriage and Sex

Can I get any kind of sample messages from the Pastor?
Yes! Pastor Bernd has been speaking regularly at Shanghai Community Fellowship during his time on staff there. Here are a few sample sermons from him:

Seeking God first: Pastor Bernd's farewell sermon at SCF

Praying God's Will

Repentance: Evidence of Faith

God the Forgiving Father

Flee Baby Flee: Resist sexual temptations

A Christmas Message: Whose Birthday are you Celebrating at Christmas?

You can also have a look at Pastor Bernd's Blog On there you can find many things he has written down, both Biblical Teachings and updates about his family.
On the same website, you can also find the link to the book "Simple Secrets to True Intimacy" that he and his wife Ryoko wrote together.

What we currently do

We are currently running around 2 Sunday Services per month. Our goal is that by September we will be able to hold a service every Sunday. In addition to our Sunday services, we are also running 2 types of small groups. One group focuses on those who are already Christians. In these groups, we study the Bible together and go deeper with God in our Faith. The other type of group is for those who struggle with the very basics of the Christian Faith or are not Christians yet. In these Explorer Groups, we focus on the question whether Jesus is who He says He is, and we want to help each person to find his/her own opinion about this very important question.

Where we meet

We currently meet in Wirtstraße, 81539 Muenchen. But we are also in the process of finding a more suitable long-term location for our Sunday services. However, we do plan on staying in this part of the city.
We are also in the process of starting new Small groups in different parts of Munich.
Contact us for exact address and times.

Follow us

You can currently follow us on Facebook (aicmunich) and Twitter (aicmunich). Other Social Media accounts will be added in the future as well.

Contact us

You can write us an email to
Or you can call Pastor Bernd under 0176/34330981
Or leave us a message through the web form below.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

With Christ's love,

Bernd & Ryoko Armbruster

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